Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS)

Environmental and Sustainability Management System (ESMS) Co-Lead. Development of an ESMS for MTA’s Cromwell Light rail Facility.  The ESMS identified aspects, impacts, compliance, objectives and program identification for the 15 acre facility used by MTA for Light rail car maintenance and wash.  The ESMS objective was to set environmental protection, sustainability and environmental process improvement at the Facility. Industrial activities at the facility include the fuel dispensing, rail car maintenance, rail car washing, vehicle and equipment storage, loading/unloading, and exterior above ground storage tanks.  The ESMS was nominated by MTA for the MDOT Environmental Excellence Award for 2017. MTA is awaiting notification. 

MTA Sustainability Plan Phase I Project Manager.  Ms. Lyles documented MTA sustainability efforts, categorized them into eight key areas (e.g. energy, water, waste reduction), defined performance measures for each area and recommending goal and objectives.

Development of the first Programmatic Agreement for CE-level projects between MTA, FTA and MHT. This will allow State Agencies to coordinate on smaller projects without coordination with FTA.  The time and cost savings, and limited staff needed to review small scale projects, will streamline the NEPA process.  Ms. Lyles has successfully negotiated with FTA and MHT and currently drafting the agreement for all parties to sign.

Grants Management. Ms. Lyles identifies potential MTA projects and grant opportunities on a yearly basis.  In 2016, Ms. Lyles grant applications won over $13M for MTA projects such as the MARC Camden Station renovation, bikeracks on all MARC trains, flood resiliency measures for Shot Tower Metro and TMDL projects.